Get in touch Global technology vendors join deX at the unveiling of deX Connect


Global technology vendors join deX at the unveiling of deX Connect

On October 25th, GreenSync brought together hundreds of leaders in energy tech to officially unveil deX Connect - open access middleware for technology vendors.

The landmark event, hosted in GreenSync’s very own industry collaboration space – The Greenroom celebrated all things deX Connect; the open access API, partner integrations and opportunities available for technology partners, today.

Paving the way for plug and play.

One year ago, GreenSync launched deX with a clear vision for decentralised energy and an open invitation to the industry to join the mission. Over the past 12 months, the deX team have brought to life the principles of ‘plug and play’ access for DER technology.

deX Connect enables access to open markets via a single fleet-wide integration completed technology providers using the deX API. This deX API has the potential to connect millions of devices – including virtual power plants, batteries, solar, inverters, monitoring solutions and other new ‘behind the meter’ assets. Through the deX Connect API technology providers have access to markets, partnerships and customers.

A landmark event unveils deX Connect.

Chairman Mark Woodall set the tone, welcomed attendees and explored the global context for deX.  

GreenSync CEO Phil Blythe unveiled GreenSync’s new in-house, online collaboration centre and  announced the company’s bold next steps to facilitate simple and transparent markets in 2019. Phil walked technology partners through deX Connect and the phased roll out of the program.

“deX is open for business and this marks the dawn of a new era as Australia moves toward a responsive, dynamic and bi-directional grid that can predict and adjust to rapidly changing conditions to balance energy supply and demand.” Phil Blythe, GreenSync CEO

deX technology partners step up to the plate.

GreenSync proudly announced a host of new supported integrations, with ten tech partners committed to taking the next steps and building their technology to deX.  deX will represent more than half of Australia’s solar and storage inverter market with eight new partners including Wattwatchers, Enphase Energy, Sungrow, SwitchDin, Blue Pillar, Fronius, Goodwe and Solar Analytics joining deX Connect. They join Tesla who was the first technology vendor to be integrated with deX Connect.

“Our team is proud that Wattwatchers is amongst the first technology providers in line to integrate to deX. Wattwatchers has been working with GreenSync’s established platform for some time. And deX is an exciting next frontier for the new energy ecosystem.” Gavin Dietz, Wattwatches CEO.

Phil Blythe expressed his thanks to the Australian energy industry.

“This is a great moment for deX, our founding partners and the Australian energy industry. We would like to thank everyone who has been involved in the planning and development of deX, especially our team who have worked so hard to develop a platform that provides value today and meets the needs of the future.”

deX Connect – event wrap up

To learn more about the event and to hear from deX technology partners, view the deX Connect event wrap up video. This showcases leaders from across the sector with their thoughts on the future of energy and the impact of deX Connect.



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