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When you start your career at GreenSync, you join a global energy tech company driving the transition towards a new energy future.

We’re revolutionising the way energy is generated, stored, distributed, and used. And we’re doing it for the better, for everyone.

We work with the most progressive and innovative technology manufacturers, energy network operators, energy retailers, and industrial businesses across the globe. Together with our customers, we solve problems in energy and deliver elegant solutions to deliver the future of energy, today.

Why you should join the team

  • We are passionate about technology and innovation

  • We want to have an impact

  • We want to be a part of redefining the grid

  • We care about our energy future

  • We work with awesome people all around the world

Solar panels illustration

Who we are

The ‘Syncers are an international bunch, located largely in Melbourne and across our global locations in the UK and Europe.

In a typical week we:

  • 102
    Average 102 automated software builds

  • 587
    Consume around 587 cups of coffee, with KeepCups at the ready

  • 837km
    Ride over 837kms to and from work

  • 10+
    Eat more than ten boxes of Cheds

  • Too many
    Use too many system cards to count

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