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GreenRoom is a professional purpose built collaboration space built by GreenSync, located in the heart of Melbourne.

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As an industry first, the GreenRoom invites tech companies, utilities and regulators to work together to harness opportunities, solve problems and explore innovation.

The energy industry has arrived at a critical inflection point. New energy technologies are connecting to the grid at a record pace, we are quickly moving towards a world of smaller, decentralised energy assets. This calls for grid systems to quickly adapt to keep up.

In a time of rapid change, it is imperative for decision makers and organisations to work together for the greater good and health of the electricity system. The Green Room helps to facilitate this necessary collaboration.

Events. Experts. Work space. Collaboration.

Introducing GreenRoom

What makes GreenRoom exceptional?

GreenRoom represents a big picture gesture, a genuine attempt at getting industry players talking, working together on challenges that might otherwise take decades to resolve.

GreenRoom is an initiative aimed at breaking down the silos and encouraging market players to collaborate for a collective benefit.

Combining rapid prototyping, week-long sprints, events as well as regular industry forums The Green Room encourages the industry to participate in the future of energy.

GreenRoom facilities

  • An office coworking desk for your business
  • Use of high-speed internet
  • Access to meeting rooms with LCD screens
  • Access to informal lounge and breakout spaces
  • Access to large event spaces
  • Use of shared kitchen

The bigger picture

GreenSync is connecting millions of decentralised energy resources.

At GreenSync we believe in industry-wide collaboration. As the founders of GreenRoom we are walking the talk by inviting the industry inside our company to collaborate.

Across the board and around the world, we’re encouraging more players to participate in the energy landscape. We’re reimagining the entire grid. We’re creating new markets. And, we’re transforming the way businesses and homes buy, sell, and distribute energy.

The future looks bright with all of the pieces in place. And the best part about the future? We’re making it happen, today.

GreenRoom is are just one piece of the puzzle. Learn more about GreenSync’s vision for the future.

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