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Energy Markets

Lower costs while increasing market competition and transparency

Energy markets
  • deX

    The Decentralised Energy Exchange (deX) is a digital platform that enables electricity grids to support more renewables, while opening up new opportunities in managing energy marketplaces, trading energy services, protecting the network and more.
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For market management entities, regulators and government, the future of energy revolves around optimised investments, electricity system security, increased visibility of behind the meter assets, and open, competitive offerings for end-customers.

With greater transparency around energy usage and supply, we can ensure that energy markets around the world are equitable, cost-effective and sustainable for everyone involved.

Improving global energy markets

Moving to more visible, flexible, equitable and sustainable grids

Reduce network and end customer energy costs

Support of non-network assets as a solution for large-scale energy supply takes foresight and a strength of leadership. The longterm payoff is undeniable. This transition drives more efficient investment into new infrastructure projects seeing savings passed onto customers. The key is a coordinated roll out of DER devices in strategic locations.

Oversee open, competitive and flexible energy markets

With greater penetration of renewable variable generation resources, electricity grids become more flexible. More resources create new markets and market participants, increasing competition at the distribution-level and for network support services. The result is open, transparent, and competitive supplier and service markets for the influx of distributed energy resource devices.

Lead the way by seeding a project in your region

The energy industry is in flux, but that doesn’t mean chaos. Regulators and market operators play an essential role in supporting and driving innovation and change. Through engaging in projects in your market geographies, regulators and market operators can lead the revolution, ensuring equitable access to energy.

The bigger picture

Working towards a GreenSync future.

These solutions are just one piece of the GreenSync puzzle. Across the board and around the world, we’re reimagining the entire grid. We’re creating new markets. We’re encouraging more players to participate in the energy landscape. And, we’re transforming the way businesses and homes buy, sell, and distribute energy. The future looks bright with all of the GreenSync pieces in place. And the best part about the future? We’re making it happen, today.

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