Creating markets through the decentralised energy exchange

The decentralised energy exchange (deX) will, for the first time, create open marketplaces for local energy to be generated, controlled or stored, and then traded between households, businesses, utilities and the larger market operators.

Using powerful tech, we are helping key energy players utilise energy in a smarter way. This means transforming existing energy grids into marketplaces, creating a more reliable and efficient energy system for everyone: homeowners, commercial business, energy retailers, network operators, regulators, technology and equipment vendors, and more.

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Introducing deX

deX is a software platform to drive the development and implementation of distributed energy resources (DERs) into electricity markets.

It enables an open marketplace where energy capacity can be transacted among businesses, households, communities and utilities.
The deX platform brings DERs online and makes them accessible for deX participants. Once registered, deX assets are visible in the network and able to be contracted and dispatched in deX markets. The capacity from DERs can be aggregated by networks, retailers or commercial businesses, and utilised creative new ways.

Imagining the future

Imagine an exchange that empowers households.

A dynamic system where millions of smaller generators provide energy that can be aggregated to benefit the masses.

Imagine an exchange that facilitates rapid solar and energy storage integration. A tool that ensures that assets are visible, registered, meet industry standards and can be controlled.

Imagine an exchange that doesn’t reduce the reliability, safety and security of the network. It improves it.

Imagine an exchange that reduces electricity costs and shares the value with all participants, transferring energy, information and money.

Now stop imagining and join the marketplace that makes it all possible.

With deX, you can

  • Install and register deX ready devices
  • Aggregate devices into a portfolio
  • Publish your energy requirements
  • Respond to an energy tender
  • Create contracts ready for energy events
  • Dispatch devices for an energy event
  • Monitor and verify services and dispatches
  • Confirm settlement and support

The world is changing

We know the world is changing and this means bringing more renewable energy onto the grid.

But we also know that nobody wants to pay more, or compromise the integrity of our energy network.

We believe the future of energy is all about doing more with our current resources. Powering more households, supporting more businesses, and making more of our modern way of life possible, with less additional infrastructure, less wastage, less carbon emissions and ultimately less cost.

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