Creating markets through the decentralised energy exchange

The decentralised energy exchange (deX) is the market platform for distributed energy.

At its simplest, deX will, for the first time, create open marketplaces for distribute energy services to be generated, controlled or stored, and then traded between households, businesses, utilities and the larger market operators.

Using powerful tech, we are helping key energy players utilise distributed energy in a smarter way. This means transforming existing energy grids into marketplaces, creating a more reliable and efficient energy system for everyone: homeowners, commercial business, energy retailers, network operators, regulators, technology and equipment vendors, and more.

Anyone can join.
Everyone benefits.

Universal benefits

The deX context

deX enables buyers and sellers of every shape and size to trade energy as needed based on price, demand and availability.

The result is a more reliable, affordable and cleaner energy grid that unlocks the significant value of distributed energy resources. While everyone benefits, deX offers different opportunities depending on where you fit in the energy landscape.

Unleash distributed energy potential with deX

As a marketplace should, deX software facilitates an exchange between market participants.

deX lists buyers and sellers, records agreements between them, manages event handling and verifies that both parties met their obligations.

With deX, you can

  • Install and register deX-ready devices
  • Aggregate devices into a portfolio
  • Publish your energy capacity requirements
  • Respond to an energy tender
  • Create contracts ready for energy events
  • Dispatch devices for an energy event
  • Monitor and verify services and dispatches


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Understanding deX

Get to know the three product layers.

deX Connect

Open access

deX connect provides easy access to new and emerging energy markets for technology vendors and manufacturers.

deX Connect establishes open access through a common API. This API connects distributed energy resources to the deX platform via cloud-to-cloud communication.

To qualify as “deX Certified” DER must have been successfully tested, installed, connected and registered in deX.

deX Vision

Visibility & trust

deX Vision provides networks and system operators with visibility of the location, performance and technical ability of DER.

deX Vision is designed to harmonise between system parameters, existing monitoring and control systems and market contacts and requests. deX vision brings all this information together in a one-stop location.

deX Vision dispatch mediation ensures power system remains within its technical limits even in the context of multiple DER dispatches by allowing networks to intervene in a proposed dispatch.

deX Markets

Simple & transparent

deX Markets enables market participants of all sizes and types to contract services from distributed energy resources.

deX Markets enables buyers to post opportunities for a range of energy services.

deX Markets will allow retailers, energy service companies and asset owners to enter into contracts with counterparties for forward wholesale price risk management, to provide non-networks solutions or to respond to demand response programs and emergency capacity requirements.

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In this white paper, you will learn about

  • The key context and trends that underpin changes in the energy sector.
  • The components required to create an effective decentralised energy market place.
  • The three product layers GreenSync are building into deX; connect, vision and markets.
  • The universal benefits opportunities for players across the energy landscape arising from deX.
  • A roadmap of activity for deX projects, partners, papers and policy through 2018-19.


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deX, creating the grid of tomorrow, today.

deX is a dynamic system where millions of smaller generators provide energy that can be aggregated to benefit the masses.

deX facilitates rapid solar and energy storage integration. A tool that ensures that assets are visible, registered, meet industry standards and can be controlled. But in doing so, it doesn’t reduce the reliability, safety and security of the network. It improves it.

deX is the exchange that reduces electricity costs and shares the value with all participants, transferring energy, information and money.

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