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GreenSync is a global energy tech company, committed to digitally enabling renewable energy for a better world.

What we do and why?

Taking our learnings from Australia – the global leader for distributed energy resource uptake and led by solar PV – we are pushing the boundaries towards more flexible and decentralised grids, keeping grids stable and efficient whilst connecting more renewable energy.

We are achieving this through a full suite of services led by our deX product and application suite.

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Our history

GreenSync was founded in 2010, in Melbourne, Australia. Our founder, Dr Phil Blythe realised that the energy landscape was beginning a major transformation, not only in relation to what fuelled our energy system but also in terms of technology.

Through our first two years, GreenSync helped clients to curb energy consumption through providing data and insights into usage, energy pricing and trends.

By 2012, our company was pioneering solutions for automation and control at the commercial and industrial level: giving businesses the ability to ‘set and forget’ and save money through more powerful technology.

By 2015, we realised the combination of smart tech and growing uptake of solar PV, batteries and EVs – occurring in Australia and globally – presented a significant opportunity for solutions, at scale, to support more renewable energy connecting to our grids while ensuring resilience and economic efficiency.

In 2016, we established a pilot project to explore the Decentralised Energy Exchange (deX). In collaboration with industry partners and the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), deX was nurtured from concept to trial. With support from ARENA in 2019, we were able to expand and extend deX to demonstration and scaling up; building out the platform foundations, tools and application suites that are now supporting innovative projects and clients in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Japan.

Our competitive edge

Pioneering Approach

With a proven record of technology capability and industry thought leadership, we keep our clients and partners ahead of the curve.

Powerful Tech

Utilising a proprietary full-stack platform, GreenSync combines fit-for-purpose, specialised functionality and capabilities designed for tech vendors, retailers and grid operators.

Enabling Dynamic Energy Services

By facilitating digital device registration, dynamic visibility, control and energy service contracting in deX, GreenSync is powering a sustainable, resilient grid.