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The energy industry has thrived on centralised control for decades — relying on a small number of large generators to send electricity out through poles and wires, to homes and businesses. This picture is changing, fast.

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Now, distributed energy technologies – from many different vendors – are commonplace and growing in number every day. The rise of home solar power, batteries, commercial wind and solar farms and other decentralised generation sources is driving a people-powered evolution in energy. Today, millions of smaller generators are able to provide a portion, or much of, their own energy or contribute into the grid on a regular basis.

This creates challenges for the existing grid and for the new distributed energy resources. But overcoming these challenges will enable more renewables to be connected, support customer choice and deliver local system resilience.

Our mission is to solve these distributed energy challenges with smart software, ensuring we deliver clean energy, grid stability, and value for all.

Our mission
To create software that allows millions of smart distributed energy resources to power a dynamic system that delivers value for all

GreenSync’s software creates digital communication and coordination for distributed and renewable energy resources, enabling a dynamic, sustainable, digital grid – supporting resilience, value and service.

The future of energy is digital, decentralised and flexible

As the founders and creators of deX, GreenSync is driven by a belief that our present and future will be powered by renewable energy and a sustainable grid. We work tirelessly to help our clients and partners achieve their goals. It’s through a collaborative transformation that we will achieve global change.

We are partnering with many of the world’s best-known energy players, our vision is well on the way to becoming a reality.

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