Traditionally, energy has flowed in one direction — from a small number of large generators, through poles and wires, out to homes and businesses.

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Over time, as the population has grown and peak demand for energy has soared, more generators, poles and wires have been added to the network at great expense.

While Australia has one of the highest penetrations of solar panels on rooftops in the world per capita, electricity grids face challenges as more renewables come onto the grid because they are intermittent. There are periods when the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow, decreasing reliability of supply. This makes having a larger percentage of solar panels and wind turbines more difficult and expensive.

The solution, and the way to increase the reliable use of abundant renewable energy resources, is to coordinate and optimise their use via smart software control.

Today, with the rise of home solar power, batteries, commercial wind and solar farms and other local generation sources, the way energy is generated and distributed has changed. From a few large generators powering millions of consumers we’re moving to a market where millions of smaller generators are able to temporarily provide their own energy or even contribute into the grid.

This reduces the need for costly large scale infrastructure and helps create a more affordable, reliable and cleaner energy grid for all.

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Our vision: connecting millions of decentralised energy resources

GreenSync connects millions of decentralised energy resources to create a more resilient and efficient energy network. We call this the trend towards the dynamic grid.

By empowering and enabling new energy market participants, our market-enabling technology offers an unrivalled breadth of capability and efficiency. This delivers an advantage to our clients, whilst making a better energy future possible for the world.

The maker of energy marketplaces

To achieve real change, we are implementing new ways of measuring, generating, storing and trading energy. Using powerful tech we help key energy market players utilise energy in a smarter way.

This means transforming existing energy grids into live energy marketplaces. Marketplaces that drive sensible investment in infrastructure and encourage energy trading and sharing. Marketplaces that empower households and businesses to participate in energy exchanges when they are most needed. Marketplaces that improve the sustainability of our energy systems without compromising their security or reliability.

Whilst it sounds like a moonshot, the good news is we are making it happen today.

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The future of energy is decentralised and flexible

As the founders and creators of deX, we are driven by a belief that the future involves more renewable energy on the grid. We’re pushing for the future, but we are pragmatic when it comes to how we get there. This means working tirelessly to help our clients and partners achieve their goals. It’s through grassroots transformation that we achieve society-wide change.

As we are already partnering with many of the world’s largest energy players, our vision is well on the way to becoming a reality.

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