Electricity Networks

Gain visibility and control of millions of DERs in your network area

Electricity networks
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    The open exchange marketplace where energy capacity can be transacted among businesses, households, utilities and communities.
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For transmission and distribution networks, the next horizon is coordinating millions of decentralised energy resources while maintaining security and reliability of energy networks.

Managing the supply and demand of electricity is a careful balancing act. Our solutions empower network partners to fulfil delivery obligations, while reducing risk, potential exposure to penalties or service interruptions for end-customers. At the same time, our software provides visibility of behind the meter energy assets, coordinates and enacts strategies to mitigate known network constraints. These solutions help to reduce spend on infrastructure through seamless access, visibility and control of portfolios of innovative distributed energy resources (DERs).

Electricity Networks Solutions are designed for traditional or coal generators, distribution networks and transmission networks.

Empowering electricity networks and end-customers

Embrace the future of service and product delivery

Avoid future network constraints and manage network risk

Manage the ongoing balance between supply and demand, and identify, plan for, and address current or emerging network constraints. Visualise behind the meter assets and prepare for automation and control. Optimise resource planning through detailed insights into upstream analytics and real-time market forecasting. Armed with this intelligence, you can orchestrate responses to peaks before they occur, or respond within seconds of a fault to automatically reduce customer loads and maintain critical delivery.

Reduce expenditure on infrastructure and pass on savings to customers

Avoid the significant costs of building additional infrastructure by leveraging energy resources that already exist. By integrating DERs and increasing their visibility, you can use non-network solutions to meet peak demand. Additionally, introduce new revenue streams and strengthen existing customer relationships by providing payment incentives for reduced usage during peak demand periods.

Gain visibility and aggregate behind the meter DER resources

With the ability to aggregate and manage expansive portfolios of distributed energy resources (DERs)—in addition to traditional network infrastructure—harness the power and capabilities of pooled assets to provide energy supplies within network operating limits. Call upon a collection of assets with load reduction capabilities to deliver services reliably and safely, and reduce your exposure to costly penalties.

Our Products

  1. deX

    The open exchange marketplace where energy capacity can be transacted among businesses, households, utilities and communities.

The bigger picture

Working towards a GreenSync future.

These solutions are just one piece of the GreenSync puzzle. Across the board and around the world, we’re reimagining the entire grid. We’re creating new markets. We’re encouraging more players to participate in the energy landscape. And, we’re transforming the way businesses and homes buy, sell, and distribute energy. The future looks bright with all of the GreenSync pieces in place. And the best part about the future? We’re making it happen, today.

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See distributed energy in a new light.

The deX Vision opportunity

It’s your introduction to deX Vision – it’s context, how it works, and how you can get started, today.

In the deX Vision brochure, you will learn about

  • The influence of distributed energy resources (DER) on network reliability and security
  • The three product layers GreenSync are building into deX; connect, vision, and markets
  • The universal benefits and opportunities for players across the energy landscape arising from deX Vision
  • The South Australian Power Network case study with GreenSync, deX, Simply Energy, and Tesla

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