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Electricity retailers
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    The open exchange marketplace where energy capacity can be transacted among businesses, households, utilities and communities.
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Regardless of where you exist on the energy landscape—whether as a tier-one electricity retailer or an up and coming disruptor—there’s a common goal: creating value for customers down the line.

In a highly competitive landscape, competing on price-point alone no longer makes the grade or provides any compelling point of difference for consumers. Retailers everywhere are looking for new ways to add value for their customers, whether it’s developing innovative and exciting over-the-counter energy solutions like solar and storage, or finding new ways to pass on savings. Through advanced technology and automated asset management, our solutions facilitate a range of benefits geared towards creating value for customers and greater profits for your business.

GreenSync Electricity Retailer Solutions are designed for retailers, generators and gen-tailers.

Future-proof your position

In a changing energy economy

Develop new over the counter products and services

The way people generate, store, consume and distribute energy is changing, and retailers need to stay ahead of the game. Our retailer solutions empower organisations to engage in more complex and mutually beneficial relationships with customers. Develop new, over-the-counter style products, sell and store more renewables, and ultimately improve customer relationships.

Manage price volatility and minimise impact on end-customers

Changing energy pricing doesn’t need to be painful for you, or your customers. Be prepared for price volatility by diversifying your response toolkit. Hedge your exposure and reduce your reliance on futures markets through efficient demand-response technology, a common form of physical hedging. Curate portfolios of customer DER assets into Virtual Power Plants that can be relied and called upon when needed.

Generate new revenue streams through aggregation

The transition to a decentralised energy landscape presents exciting opportunities for Electricity Retailers. For those already aggregating assets it’s a no-brainer—aggregation provides the key to participating in market based energy programs. The days of direct calls to sites for participation in demand response programs are long gone. Today, aggregation is sophisticated and automated, providing retailers with the ability to address known constraints, sell capacity and unlock new revenue streams.

Our Products

  1. deX

    The open exchange marketplace where energy capacity can be transacted among businesses, households, utilities and communities.

The bigger picture

Working towards a GreenSync future.

These solutions are just one piece of the GreenSync puzzle. Across the board and around the world, we’re reimagining the entire grid. We’re creating new markets. We’re encouraging more players to participate in the energy landscape. And, we’re transforming the way businesses and homes buy, sell, and distribute energy. The future looks bright with all of the GreenSync pieces in place. And the best part about the future? We’re making it happen, today.

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