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The future is
transforming electricity grids into marketplaces.
flexible, decentralised energy.
connecting millions of energy resources.
digital and automated.

The future of energy generation, distribution, and consumption has arrived.

New Energy Service Companies

For new energy services companies or ESCos, embracing the future involves creating consistent, compelling value for customers, while meeting service targets, accommodating changes in government incentives, and catering to the evolving nature of the electricity landscape in general.

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Electricity Retailers

Retailer Solutions are designed for retailers, generators and gen-tailers. Regardless of where you exist on the energy landscape, there’s a common goal: creating value for customers down the line. Our solutions facilitate a range of benefits to create value for your customers and greater profits for your business.

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Electricity Networks

Electricity Networks Solutions are designed for traditional or coal generators, distribution and transmission networks. Our solutions empower network partners to fulfil delivery obligations and better manage the careful balance involved in supply and demand.

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Energy Markets

With greater transparency around energy usage and supply, we can ensure that energy markets around the world are equitable, cost-effective and sustainable for everyone involved.

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