Peak Response launched

GreenSync has today launched its Peak Response product, which will allow our customers to be more active consumers in Australia’s National Electricity Market.

Peak Response is a Cloud enabled technology platform that detects, forecasts and controls the three electricity peaks that appear across the grid:

  • Customer Peaks – reducing network charges on customer’s energy bills;
  • Network Peaks – reducing peaks in the grid, allowing customers to benefit from Grid incentives;
  • Generation Peaks – reducing load when prices are high, earning rebates from retailers.

The system is literally a Window into the Grid for large energy users and provides a range of services that will give our customers greater control over their energy usage.

Peak Response service features include:

  • Real-time peak usage alert messages that advise a customer when they are reaching a pre-specified usage threshold;
  • Automated load shedding triggered at pre-specified thresholds; and
  • Performance monitoring of weather, temperature and other information that impacts when and for how long a business consumes electricity.

Peak Response is powered by our innovative Cloud automation software and analytics engine, which will enable the provision of real time information and optimisation of energy consumption, delivering significant cost and energy savings for our customers.