Get in touch GreenSync wins demand response contract with Ausgrid


GreenSync wins demand response contract with Ausgrid

GreenSync, a leading provider of demand side management and efficiency software, today announced that it has entered into an agreement with the Australian distribution operator Ausgrid to deliver a component of its demand response program.

Ausgrid’s electricity network provides power to 1.6 million homes and businesses, including parts of the Sydney metropolitan area. This is an expansion of a pilot program originally begun in 2012 aimed at promoting demand response to energy users in the urban areas.

Under the terms of the agreement, GreenSync will administer the Ausgrid Dynamic Peak Rebate Program to Ausgrid’s commercial, institutional, and industrial customers. When called upon, customers will curtail energy use during dispatch periods, and are paid for their participation. Through the GreenSync PortfolioDR™ cloud-based demand side management platform, customers can view their energy usage in real time, as well as have full control of precisely how and when they choose to participate in demand events.

“As well helping network utilities plan and forecast potential network constraints, GreenSync also provides turnkey service to automatically reduce loads with participating customers” said Dr. Phil Blythe, Managing Director of GreenSync. “Being Australian owned, we are proud to be supporting Australian utilities in programs to combat rising energy costs.”

Ausgrid is conducting this initial Dynamic Peak Rebate project with the aim of developing demand side options as an alternative to investing in network infrastructure.