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GreenSync Calls on Energy Industry to Collaborate

Speaking today at the Clean Energy Summit, GreenSync founder and CEO, Dr. Phil Blythe, called for the energy industry to collaborate more on the things required to prepare the grid for renewable energy being the dominant source of energy generation.
In a presentation titled, Getting to Grid Edge Systems Smarter, Faster, Better, Dr. Blythe noted Australia’s fast pace of renewable energy uptake and the need for grid systems to quickly adapt to keep up. Encouraging the industry to work together for the greater good and health of the electricity system, he backed the statement by announcing the company’s new Melbourne office will be opening an industry collaboration space for tech companies, utilities and regulators to undertake rapid prototyping, week long sprints, as well as regular industry forums to fast-track integration across the sector.

“GreenSync has always been a vocal proponent of industry-wide collaboration, and we are walking the talk by inviting the industry inside our company to collaborate.” – Dr Phil Blythe.

The energy industry has arrived at a critical inflection point, with new energy technologies connecting to the grid at record pace and EVs on the verge of taking off. Tech innovation is outpacing the grid’s ability to keep up. At the same time, regulators are trying to quickly lay down the road rules, policy makers are trying to establish the right policy levers to get their desired outcomes, and the networks and market operator are trying to determine how the new system should be governed.
“What we are seeing now is critical planning still being done in silos when it should really take on a synchronous, collaborative approach for what would be a far superior outcome,” said Dr Blythe. “A great example can be found in the UK, where a regulatory sandbox was established in 2017 to allow tech companies to continue innovating free of concern that specific regulations would stand in their way.
“We’ve already seen the potential of partnership through our work over the past 18 months on the Decentralised Energy Exchange (deX), with over 70 partners signing on to date. It’s our hope that we can continue to break down the silos and collaborate with likeminded organisations on solutions that will deliver a renewables-dominant grid.
Leading the development of the deX, GreenSync is an energy-tech company that is pushing the boundaries towards more flexible and decentralised grids, keeping grids stable and efficient whilst absorbing more renewable energy.

Dr Blythe invited those who are interested in collaborating to contact GreenSync on .

About GreenSync
GreenSync connects millions of decentralised energy resources to create a more resilient and efficient energy network. We call this the trend towards the dynamic grid. By empowering and enabling new energy market participants, our market-enabling technology offers an unrivalled breadth of capability and efficiency. This delivers an advantage to our clients, whilst making a better energy future possible for the world.

To achieve real change, we are implementing new ways of measuring, generating, storing and trading energy. This means transforming existing energy grids into live energy marketplaces. Marketplaces that drive sensible investment in infrastructure and encourage energy trading and sharing. Marketplaces that empower households and businesses to participate in energy exchanges when they are most needed. Marketplaces that improve the sustainability of our energy systems without compromising their security or reliability.

Whilst it sounds like a moonshot, the good news is we are making it happen today.