Get in touch Automatic Asset Registration Project Phases Two and Three Launch


Automatic Asset Registration Project Phases Two and Three Launch

On July 28 2023 the 2nd phase for the development and integration of the  Automatic Asset Registration (AAR) solution started. The project is funded by the United Kingdom’s Department for Energy Security & Net Zero as part of the Government’s £1 billion Net Zero Innovation Portfolio (NZIP).

The changing circumstances in the energy landscape are presenting the industry with a myriad of opportunities as well as several challenges. Whilst registration with network companies is a legal requirement for some energy assets in Great Britain (GB), roughly 40% or less of new small-scale end-consumer energy assets are currently visible to the power grid operators.

The core AAR project team, led by GreenSync and guided by Energy Systems Catapult’s regulatory advice, will be supported by a broad and diverse range of companies from across the energy sector. This includes small-scale energy asset manufacturers, installers via installHUB™ platform, distribution network operators, energy retailers and flexibility providers as well as cybersecurity specialists and innovators. Collectively, the team will develop and test in a real-world environment an innovative AAR solution that enables small-scale assets of less than 1MW to be digitally and securely registered and visible to all market participants with ease and accuracy.

The solution will innovate on the existing GreenSync deX software platform, tailoring and extending its Australian capability to reflect the GB context. The project will also identify and assess sustainable commercial and operating models that will best support the expected level of implementation in the GB energy system, in terms of scalability, security and resilience.

GreenSync deX has become a vital digital system in Australia providing a pivotal service for small-scale asset registration and integration, ensuring not only better system stability and security of supply but also opening up new opportunities for owners to get more value in return. With this project, we are bringing our proven technology and experience into the UK and we are very excited at the prospect of demonstrating these capabilities in Phases Two and Three., says Igor Dremelj, Head of Europe of GreenSync.

Greg Johston, Senior Digital and Data Consultant at Energy Systems Catapult, said: “The uptake of Low Carbon Technologies (LCTs) is transforming the UK’s energy landscape. With the rise in LCTs in homes across the country, we are also observing a number of gaps in the visibility of the technologies on the network. An AAR affords us an opportunity to improve data collection and visibility of these assets on the system.

“By working with GreenSync, we can get to the heart of the challenge and help make an AAR a reality. Only with a system in place to register new energy assets – smaller than 1MW – can we ensure that the networks have the data they need to plan and prepare for future energy demands.”

“We are looking forward to exploring the digitisation of the British power grid and its asset base with our installHUB™ platform and enabling a revolutionary new level of installed asset details for end-customers and installers.”, says Samuel Stähle, MoB of installHUB™.


GreenSync is at the forefront of LCT connectivity. Their deX software platform is rapidly scaling in Australia to meet the exponential growth in rooftop Solar Photovoltaic (PV) and support grid stability. They currently have partnerships with over 95% of the global solar PV and energy storage inverter manufacturers and are actively expanding its services to other jurisdiction such as the UK, NZ and US and to other technologies including Electric Vehicle (EV) smart charging and heat pumps (HP).

installHUB™ is the leading installation efficiency software platform and app of Platform d-risk Ltd. in Manchester, UK, serving installers and end-customers with fully digitised next generation customer journeys.

Energy Systems Catapult accelerates Net Zero energy innovation. Based in Birmingham, with around 250 experts across technical, commercial and policy backgrounds, they turboboost clean tech innovators and help design the future, cleaner energy system. As an independent, not-for-profit centre of excellence they help bridging the gap between industry, government, academia and research. They collaborate to overcome the systemic barriers of the current energy market to help unleash the potential of new products, services and value chains required to achieve the UK’s clean growth ambitions.