Get in touch Automatic Asset Registration Feasibility Study for the Great Britain


Automatic Asset Registration Feasibility Study for the Great Britain

Invaluable industry knowledge from Energy Systems Catapult combined with GreenSync’s proven technology and practical experience are captured in the study including an extremely compelling deX based proposition that can be quickly and cost effectively deployed nation-wide in production.

You can read the Automatic Asset Registration Feasibility Study we undertook in partnership with Energy Systems Catapult here. The study was funded by the United Kingdom’s Department for Energy Security & Net Zero, formerly the Department for Business, Energy, & Industrial Strategy, as part of the Government’s £1billion Net Zero Innovation Portfolio. The report includes a thorough analysis of the current energy landscape and the pressing need for a digitalised energy system in Great Britain. Underpinned by our deep understanding of the policy, regulatory and technology requirements, the deX based proposition detailed in the report provides a clear scalable solution for enabling an automated, standardised, secure data exchange process for asset registration. 

Further information about the Automatic Asset Registration Programme can be found in the UK Government website (outputs and findings are not government policy).