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Fronius and GreenSync Strategic Partnership

Software unlocking benefits for customers and the grid

Global solar PV company Fronius, and leading Australian based digital technology company GreenSync, have formed a strategic partnership to unlock new benefits for solar customers and the grid across Australia. 

Australians have embraced solar. One in every four households has now invested in renewable energy on their rooftop. In 2020 alone Australians installed another 360,000 residential systems, a phenomenal 2GW of capacity, the equivalent of a major coal fired power station. 

To enable the grid to continue to host more solar and allow solar households to better participate in this energy transition, Fronius and GreenSync are working together to develop exciting new functionality. Fronius, one of Australia’s most trusted brands, and GreenSync, an recognised innovator in digital grid technology, are working together to allow customers to seamlessly connect and dynamically manage their export to meet grid requirements and access new benefits from retailers. 

“Fronius is excited about the partnership and the value it brings to our customers, installers and retail partners” said Hans Georg Einwagner, Managing Director (CEO) of Fronius Australia. “This innovative technology partnership provides our existing and new Fronius customers even more value from their Fronius systems”.  

The functionality will be available for all of Fronius’s current solar PV inverter range allowing all new customers and many existing customers to benefit. Fronius and GreenSync will also work to expand the capability to the Fronius hybrid inverter and battery technology range which are soon to be available in Australia.

The solution, utilising GreenSync’s deX software platform, requires no additional hardware or installation costs. Once registered online, customers automatically meet Remote Disconnect compliance requirements such as South Australia’s Smarter Homes and can opt into retailer Virtual Power Plant (VPP) offers. 

“GreenSync are proud to be working with Fronius to deliver a win, win for their customers and the grid” said Bruce Thompson, GreenSync’s Head of Customer. “It’s a smart way for customers to get even more benefit from their investment in solar today and be set to participate in the grid of the future”.

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