Get in touch Auto DR platform for constraint management goes live


Auto DR platform for constraint management goes live

Today GreenSync launched PortfolioDR™, a product developed for electricity networks which allows utilities to manage congestion and peaks in the grid.

PortfolioDR™ uses advanced Cloud based software to monitor and control loads across the Grid, enabling network businesses to automatically switch discretionary loads such as pumps or generators to quickly adjust the load being carried by the grid.

PortfolioDR™ provides the backbone to GreenSync’s Constraint Management Solution, which is an end-to-end forecasting and dispatch service for managing network constraints. Through active peak load management, network businesses can prolong the life of electricity assets and avoid investing in costly upgrades to infrastructure.

As new technologies such as battery storage and demand ready air-conditioning systems become more common, technology such as PortfolioDR™ will be essential to help maintain a stable electricity supply for customers, and reduce long term electricity costs.

GreenSync has been working with Ergon Energy to deliver the advanced forecasting and dispatch capabilities of PortfolioDR™ on a trial in western Townsville as part of the larger Energy Smart program.