GreenSync VPP

Highly evolved trading tools for behind the meter assets

As a central pillar in the GreenSync ecosystem, GreenSync VPP creates portfolios of distributed energy resources (DERs) for participation in wholesale and ancillary service markets.

With the ability to deliver demand response services and the power to control wholesale market risk, VPP enables energy service providers to drastically evolve their relationship to customers, while driving competitiveness and profitability.

Introducing GreenSync VPP

GreenSync VPP is a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) product, conveniently accessed via a secured web browser, that empowers energy retailers to better manage widespread portfolios of assets capable of storing and redistributing energy.

The software aggregates a variety of distributed energy resources (DERs) into a ‘Virtual Power Plant’—a secure ecosystem of resources you can operate and monitor from a centralised location.
The result? Transform existing assets into smart energy assets—heating, ventilation, air conditioning, machinery, battery storage systems (BMS), electric cars, generators and more—and dynamically manage spot-price volatility by controlling and dispatching these assets during periods of high energy prices.

Enhance your business with PortfolioVPP

GreenSync VPP allows your trading desk to manage and analyse diverse portfolios of distributed energy resources.

With insights into real-time energy consumption and asset availability, you can protect your organisation against the volatility of pricing fluctuations and mitigate wholesale market risk.

With GreenSync VPP, you can:

  • Build customised portfolios of distributed energy resources (DER) and dispatch them as needed in response to market fluctuations.
  • Hedge your exposure to energy pricing.
  • Create conditions and rules to stipulate what occurs during dispatch of DER assets.
  • Analyse forecast data to optimise portfolios of assets for futures markets.
  • Monitor the real-time performance of a site or portfolio of energy assets.
  • Compare expected performance against actual performance and adjust portfolios accordingly.
  • Encourage customer participation by managing assets through reward-based demand response programs, unlocking new incentives for customers and increasing customer retention.

Flexible, future-proofed operations for energy retailers

With the power of GreenSync VPP, you can lower costs and avoid the impact of market pricing thanks to greater flexibility enabled through a diverse portfolio of easily-dispatched assets. Capitalise on a wide variety of customer assets to unlock an equally broad spectrum of operational benefits.

From protecting yourself against price volatility and maximising the efficiency of available assets, to extending product offerings and providing competitive price points for your customers, GreenSync VPP is the dynamic solution that unlocks it all.

The future will see retailers and energy service providers engaging in more complex relationships with customers. Stay competitive and transform your business model to profit from wholesale risk reduction, while building stronger relationships with your existing customers through quality service offerings.

Embrace the future of asset management and retailer-to-customer relations and move to GreenSync VPP.

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The #1 trading platform for distributed energy resources.

GreenSync VPP

It’s your introduction to GreenSync VPP – it’s context, how it works, and how you can get started today.

Learn how other Energy Retailers are using GreenSync VPP to assemble, manage, and monetise distributed energy resources (DER) and read the Simply Energy 8 MW virtual power plant case study.

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