GreenSync PR

The sophisticated onsite energy management platform

GreenSync PR is a turnkey energy management and control platform that gives commercial and industrial energy users the ability to manage all of their onsite energy systems across multiple sites.

By combining real time data on local usage with live market information, PR makes rapid decisions easy to make and fast to action; reducing cost, while minimising service disruption.
With the platform enabled, you can secure a more reliable energy supply, avoid the high costs associated with using energy during peak demand periods, access powerful insights into your operational data, and even earn profits by redistributing stored energy reserves.

It’s all possible with GreenSync PR.

Drone shot of industrial buildings with solar batteries on top

Enhance your business
with GreenSync PR

Through insights gleaned from real-time operational analytics and intelligent automated technology, GreenSync PR provides comprehensive control for your energy resources.

As a result, you have greater control over your business in general.

It’s all about automating your systems for maximum flexibility. Secure the lowest rate and the highest efficiencies by activating the right resources in the right locations at the right time. Every time.

PeakResponse empowers you to:

  • Monitor site energy consumption and make informed decisions about the time and duration of energy use, by analysing real-time analytics.
  • Connect and automate onsite energy resources, including backup generators, battery storage systems, and solar arrays to maximise flexibility and efficiency.
  • Transform existing business assets into smart energy assets that store and distribute energy, creating the potential for additional revenue streams.
  • Prepare your business for peak usage events and safeguard against potential energy outages.
  • Receive alerts when your energy consumption is approaching a threshold peak, when electricity prices are rising, or if weather is likely to impact energy prices in the coming days.
  • Optimise equipment and assets to automatically alter or curtail usage during peak energy demand to avoid the higher costs associated with variable market pricing.

Introducing the GreenSync PR platform

Peak Response software

Cloud-based Peak Response software monitors site loads according to the information provided by the PRU and controls assets as required to optimise performance, turning them into Distributed Energy Resources (DERs).

The Peak Response Unit

The Peak Response Unit (PRU) is a hardware device that serves as the connection between a business’ assets, energy meters and sensors, and the cloud-based Peak Response Software.

Automate asset response to make the most of your energy

With automation enabled via the GreenSync PR software, your equipment can be scheduled and optimised based on various factors affecting energy pricing. These can include time of year, local climate, and electricity prices.

The automated process makes electrical load management a seamless aspect of your business operations. What’s more, it can also transform existing infrastructure and assets into new potential revenue streams through participation in demand response network programs with distribution utilities.

A strategic automated switch in energy usage can create huge benefits in costs avoided or efficiency gains.

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