GreenSync EM

Giving microgrid operators the sophistication to run like an electricity network

GreenSync EM is a purpose-built platform that enables communities, campuses and precincts to create local microgrids

Combining the scheduling of generation and storage with other flexible loads to reduce infrastructure cost, GreenSync EM gives operators of microgrids unprecedented control.


Introducing GreenSync EM

GreenSync EM is a holistic technology solution designed to seamlessly plan and manage the complex operations of a microgrid.

A microgrid is an electricity network either independent from, or connected to, the main electricity grid.

Microgrids are typically comprised of a collection of distributed energy sources—such as embedded generation, renewable technologies, and battery storage—and as such, require a centralised platform to manage operations.

GreenSync EM provides real-time visibility of your entire microgrid network and provides you with the control to schedule electricity generation, or the activation of stored energy reserves, at peak times when energy is expensive or unreliable.

Reliable, profitable energy management for community organisations

Microgrids are transforming the way that hospitals, shopping centres, industrial parks, airports, university campuses and residential precincts procure, generate and regulate their energy needs.

As global trends in electricity shift towards smaller, decentralised and more resilient microgrids, there is a growing need for utility-grade software and technology at an affordable price and appropriate scale.
GreenSync EM puts powerful energy management capability in the hands of community organisations. By combining key capabilities used by energy utilities, including metering, supervisory control and data acquisition, geospatial information, outage management, local shedding, and asset health, and pairing it with our leading dispatch optimisation technology, GreenSync EM creates self-sufficient, reliable and ultimately profitable microgrids.

With GreenSync EM, you can:

  • Run a local microgrid customised to your precinct’s needs.
  • Generate and store your own electricity independent of the main grid.
  • Dispatch your microgrid’s stored energy reserves whenever grid energy is costly or intermittent.
  • Avoid peak pricing by calling on your own stockpiled energy supplies.
  • Reduce expenditure by better managing power usage.
  • Embrace new renewable technologies that support a cleaner footprint overall.

Creating microgrids for maximum benefits

With the power of GreenSync EM communities, campuses and precincts can create microgrids for the benefit of the site and greater community.

Microgrids are better positioned than centralised networks to meet the the known and unknown requirements of the future. They allow local communities and commercial precincts to increase the overall electricity supply quickly and efficiently through relatively small local generators, without having to wait for power companies to build centralised power plants that are costly and take time to come online.

Smart microgrid technology empowers consumers and enables the ultimate campus level flexibility.