GreenSync CM

Automated end-to-end constraint management

GreenSync CM is cloud-based software that helps with diagnosing, planning and the operational management of network constraints.

It enables transmission and distribution businesses to aggregate, control and automate distributed energy resources (DERs). The software empowers businesses to optimise network operations and interact with the deX, stabilising the grid and deferring network investment.

Introducing GreenSync CM

Identify, plan and optimise for improved network management

GreenSync CM offers a flexible and ever-growing set of services for utilities to manage resources and grid constraints, from planning and operations to financial settlements. The platform diagnoses constraints across network infrastructure – including transmission lines, substations and transformers, and medium and low-voltage feeders – providing useful information on the size, velocity and impact of impending constraints.

GreenSync CM is designed to empower utilities with a broad spectrum of network management tools to smooth out network peaks, increase long-term network utilisation, and improve operations overall.

With GreenSync CM, you can:

  • Identify existing or impending network constraints.
  • Integrate and dispatch fleets of DERs within seconds of a fault to automatically reduce usage loads.
  • Improve the reliability of electricity networks by rapidly reducing load to avoid peaks before they occur.
  • See real-time upstream investment analytics.
  • Address network capacity and power quality constraints by dispatching DERs and ESSs with load reduction capabilities.
  • Reduce or offset capital expenditure by deferring new asset builds and participating in non-network solutions.
  • Minimise or eliminate penalty payments made through the Service Target Performance Incentive Scheme (STPIS).

Optimise operations and interact with deX

Alongside a host of other benefits, GreenSync CM allows network businesses to integrate with deX. Once connected, GreenSync CM empowers networks to make the most effective use of resources.

This improves a spectrum of operations, planning decisions and complex non-network applications that can be coordinated through GreenSync CM. With access to innovative markets and resource opportunities via deX, network businesses can save money, transition through temporal constraints and ultimately contribute to a more reliable and secure grid.

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