Every summer thousands of Victorians escape to the Mornington Peninsula to enjoy the beautiful beaches and countryside. Summer influx brings with it an increasing strain on the community’s existing electricity infrastructure.

As the population doubles and energy use soars on a handful of hot days, electricity distributor United Energy identified a future network constraint for the region.

GreenSync has partnered with United Energy to deliver an innovative new approach to managing this peak demand known as The Community Grid Project (TCGP). The initiative aims to support households and businesses in taking up renewable technologies and help reduce peak demand over summer.

“The deX exchange is a step toward localised or “mini-markets” on the grid that will optimise value for all parties and allow networks to integrate renewables and manage the reliability and stability. This is key to creating value for energy customers in the grid of the future.”
Rodney Bray, Network Planning and Strategy Manager at United Energy on deX

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Embracing community participation

United Energy (UE) is one of the first energy utilities worldwide to embrace new technologies that involve community participation.

Being ahead of the curve and eager to innovate, United Energy turned attention to demand side initiatives to address future forecast constraints. This method will support households and businesses to adopt new energy technologies such as solar PV and battery storage.

As a first implementation of deX, TCGP aims to lower costs and facilitate the uptake of new renewable energy technologies while maintaining security and reliability. Households and businesses from Dromana to Portsea are invited to participate in this voluntary demand response project.

Deferring the need for network upgrades

For United Energy and the Mornington Peninsula community, project will defer a $30m network upgrade between Dromana, Rosebud and Sorrento, and support the long-term affordability and sustainability of Mornington Peninsula’s electricity.

By employing the GreenSync CM and deX technologies, we are able to deliver the same level of service (as the poles and wires network) with the added benefits of being environmentally sustainable and cost effective over the longer term.

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Finding capacity through demand response

Using GreenSync’s technology United Energy have tasked GreenSync with finding 13MW of capacity over the next five years. Using demand response technology teamed with the deX platform roll out and installation of renewable hardware across the region.

TCGP is a partnership between United Energy, the Mornington Peninsula Shire and GreenSync. The project is supported by the Victorian Government’s New Energy Jobs Fund.