Community and Precincts

Create and control a clean, reliable and self-sufficient community energy grid

Community and precincts
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    The open exchange marketplace where energy capacity can be transacted among businesses, households, utilities and communities.
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There’s a new balance of power in the future energy economy. Residential blocks, developments, hospitals, education campuses, and other community bodies are coming together to build localised energy assets.

In doing so, they unlock the ability to buy, sell, store, trade and profit from these shared sustainable energy reserves. These self-sufficient microgrids are empowered as market players. When energy is at its peak, they also have the flexibility to operate independently of the wider grid. The benefit is two-fold: microgrids ensure a secure, reliable power supply, and in turn, alleviate pressure and constraints for networks and generators.

GreenSync Community and Precinct solutions maximise benefits for communities, commercial operators, and the planet in general.

Putting the power back into communities

Security. Reliability. Sustainability. Community.

Pool resources for consistent, dependable energy supply

By aggregating a range of energy assets in a microgrid you can offset risk across multiple resource points. Communities, precincts, campuses and buildings can stockpile energy reserves to protect against outages caused by peak demand. Our solutions provide the control to schedule electricity generation and reliance when the grid is congested.

Save money by protecting against increases in energy prices

With power reserves stored in existing energy assets around the microgrid, you can reduce the potential for interruptions in supply and avoid the excess costs associated with peak energy pricing. Protect your community or precinct against cost fluctuations in the energy market by altering your power usage during peak periods, and use your assets more efficiently in general.

Access real time analytics for sustainability management

With affordable, utility-grade technology, real-time analytics managed via our Energy Operations Centres, and immediate responses to outages, optimised energy management becomes a simple and seamless process. Our microgrid solutions focus on renewable technologies with cleaner fuel resources to facilitate a cleaner footprint for your community, and the planet.

Our Products

  1. deX

    The open exchange marketplace where energy capacity can be transacted among businesses, households, utilities and communities.

The bigger picture

Working towards a GreenSync future.

These solutions are just one piece of the GreenSync puzzle. Across the board and around the world, we’re reimagining the entire grid. We’re creating new markets. We’re encouraging more players to participate in the energy landscape. And, we’re transforming the way businesses and homes buy, sell, and distribute energy. The future looks bright with all of the GreenSync pieces in place. And the best part about the future? We’re making it happen, today.

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